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Staff Report

4(d)--Ordinance No. 2609 adopting and amending Redding Municipal Code Title 10 (Public Peace, Morals, and Welfare), clarifying restrictions related to possession and use of certain weapons at Park Facilities.


Department:City ClerkSponsors:City Attorney Barry DeWalt


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Staff Recommendation

Adopt Ordinance No. 2609, an ordinance of the City Council of the City of Redding amending Redding Municipal Code Title 10 (Public Peace, Morals and Welfare), Chapter 10.20 (Public Parks Prohibited Activities), Section 10.20.120 (Firearms, Air Guns, other Weapons) and Chapter 10.58 (Discharging Firearms), Section 10.58.010 (Prohibited) in order to clarify that the restrictions relating to possession of certain weapons applies to park facilities and to codify exceptions to the prohibition relating to discharge of firearms within in the City of Redding.